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Ziyarats inside

Ziyarat Rasool-e-Khuda A.S

Ziyaret-e-Rassol-e-Khuda is first ziyarat in karbala. It is located in the end of karbala. It is also known as Eid-gah. Namaze Eid is performed in every year in this Eid gah. There is a big field covered by mangoes tree in front of Ziyarat. Ziyarate Ali Ashgar and Ziyarate Ibraheem shaheed in the right side area. Actually Ibraheem Shaheed is located back side the Karbala but due to a very difficult way Fateha is performed inside Karbala premises.Ziyarte Panjetane paak A.S. is located in left side area. Peoples performed Namaz in this wast area of Karbala

Ziyarat Shahed-e-Karbala A.S

Second Ziyarat is Ziyarate Shaheed e karbala A.S. This Ziyarat is very large and marvellous in its design and architecture. Whole of its architecture is very classic and is made up of Indo-Mughalian style of architecture. There is many graves of Shaheeds inside the Ziyarat. Peoples makes munajaats here to full filled his wishes. This building was bulit using soil brought from "Karbala", Iraq about two hundred years ago. Fornt of this building Ziyarate Hazrat Abbas A.S. Whole building is made by green and white tiles with a marvellous design of Indo-Mughalian.

Ziyarat Jafer-e-Jinn A.S

Ziyarate Jafar-e-Jinn A.S is in situ of Shahed-e-Karbala A.S. This is uncovered area. This architecture is very old and it is around 200 years old architecture. Ziyarate Jafare-jinn A.S is performed here. During the Ziyarat candels and Agarbatties are burned here. This Ziyarat is small in terms of area. Mostly wishes of most peoples full filled here. Around 200-300 peoples beg her wishes every day here. Demons and bad soils are punished here. Many peoples get relief here from bad soul.

Ziyarat Hazrat Abbas A.S

Compound of Hazrat Abbas A.S is very marvellous with a beautiful gloden color tomb and varanda. Turbat-e-Hazrat Abbas (A.S.) made in which soil from his real grave was put in. Roza decorate in the night of 9th Moharram every year. Whole roza is covered by tiles inside. Many peoples get relief here from all diseases. Patients of many kind of diseases come here from all world and get relief. Demons and bad soils are punished here. Many peoples get relief here from bad soul.

Ziyarat Jannatul Baqi A.S

Ziyarate Jannatul Baqi is the most attraction of Karbala. This is the new construction building and whole architecture is made by latest technology. There is very good glass work in side the ziyarat. All roof and side walls is covered with beautiful glasses. Walls and gate is covered with golden color fiber sheet which are look very beautiful. Zari inside the roza is so beautiful and costly which was gifted by Mr. Syed Muneer Ali resident of Mumbai.

Committee Members

Following were nominated trustees of that trust and they were bounded by some conditions on 4th September, 1970 viz. Faizul Husain , Abul Hasan, Akbar husain, Ibnay Hasan all sons of Tasawur Husain. According to conditions, he delegated the full authority of Karbala to Abul Hasan s/o Tasawur Husain. Mr. Abul Hasan did some excellent work for Karbala in his life. He purchased approximately one Acre of land outside the Karbala wall. After Abul Hasan, Mr. Afsar Husain is doing work for Karbala. Presently Afsar Husain is the Mutavalli, the trustee of Karbala. Presently Mr. Afsar Husain and his five sons is committee members. Blow is the photograph of all committee members. The are doing good job for Karbala.
Afsar Husain
Syed Afsar Husain
Syed Razi Haider
Syed Razi Haider
Gulam Askari
Syed Gulam Askari
Nawab Haider
Syed Nawab Haider

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